ORIGIN - Passion and Beliefs - Fiera di Vicenza /NJAL may 2014
Art Georgia Paris January 2014





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Nature: "a little less conversation" by Myriam B & Mario Salvucci
Aspecifico atelier MyriamB - via degli Ausoni,7 (ex Pastificio Cerere) Roma
AltaRoma collateral event - July 8/10 ,  2013






Art Georgia Paris - Place where Fashion meets Art
Paris International Edition , July 1- 2013





























La cage des Anges
“Nature that creates Art , Art that creates Nature” 
I believe that Nature and Art are the most interesting expressions of the world that surround us and I cannot imagine one without the other. In my work I explore my personal relation with Nature and "La cage des Anges" is an invite to look around and observe what’s happening to Her.

An impressive large scale “creature” La cage des Anges is a light installation unveiled in October 2011 at the entrance of Joyce Boutique in Beijing: the project was inspired by the shape of a nest and it’s a perfectly functional cage with no birds inside.







INSPIRATIONAL GALLERY curated by Diane Pernet at Officina Creativa OFF - Fiera Vicenza Oro May 2011


    "Artefactes d'una Musa" - window display at The Outpost for ASVOFF Barcelona 2012.